Xcode folder reference not updating

but in the App store when I press update button, it shows the alert like the picture above.

even though in fact I have a lot of space it is only xcode, when I update the itunes, it can update smoothly. really need your help :( If there is a partial download begun of the app/purchase, deleting the partially downloaded file and starting from scratch may help.

Of course, any Sparrow user is free to use the library directly from within a workspace, without the source tree variable.

That way, we could get rid of the source tree variables, which would make installation of Sparrow easier. First of all, the scaffold project and the Xcode templates need a way to find Sparrow - otherwise, Sparrow would need to be added manually for every project.

Second, this would have made the project files incompatible with Xcode 3, forcing us to make duplicates of the projects.

See For frameworks being deployed in OS X v10.3.9 and earlier, specify the preferred memory address to use for prebinding operations.

This value is not needed when deploying a framework in 10.4 and later.

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A Java-style package identifier that uniquely identifies the framework to the system. To set this option in Xcode 2.4, open an inspector window for your framework target, select the Properties tab, and modify the Identifier field.

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