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Beware, we all know about things that are too good to be true…

do you expect to get -20 an hour with zero experience? For my disclaimer, I’ll say this: legally speaking (though I’m not a lawyer), I wouldn’t accuse Vector Marketing of being illegal or for breaking any official codes, laws, etc.

the company says it has annual sales of over 0 million and is based in 250 locations…

You also get a cut from sales done by people under you.So, to the CEO, 270 people a day are finding out the *real* image of Vector.That is not good for recruitment (read rest of post for why).Reputation management, the long name “online reputation management” (ORM), is when a company attempts to drown out negative reviews on the search engines.For example, let’s say the CEO googles “vector marketing scam” or “Cutco knives scam” and sees tons and tons of *real* people stating how Vector Marketing is a scam.

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