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Curtis debut movie was Criss Cross which was released on 1949 as a dancer, his second movie City Across the River made him more stable in the industry.

The bonding with roger moore in the movie The Persuaders was great and is still watched by the huge audience but he was never a gay.

He was then selected by the producer and was casted for his upcoming movie.

Meanwhile he was light and energetic person in the sets of the movie who performed the life of the sportsman in his movies, his weight at the beginning of his career was 62 Kg.

“My marriage was in a bad state and I had no idea what hers was like but I had this insane idea that maybe something would happen between us while we were making the movie.”When filming began in August 1958 it became apparent the chemistry was as fresh as ever.

“When I walked on the set and saw her I swear to you I was in love with her all over again and her with me,” he recalled.

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’ and I said without thinking it through in any way, ‘Of course.’ We were almost teenagers in love [he in fact was 23 and Monroe 22] and you don’t ever get over your first love.”His throwaway remark was to come back to haunt him a decade later when the couple met again on the set of Some Like It Hot, both having found fame – and marriage to other people – in the intervening years.

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