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He was also faithful, had incredible integrity, and was respected in his community. In order for someone to understand what I do, they have to realize it’s a major time commitment.

My father was my example of what I expected to find in a partner. When you’re on set or doing eight shows a week, you’re just not available all the time. On top of those demands on my time, dating was a challenge because I still had my daughter at home.

We had a different set of issues from those of my first marriage, mostly because we weren’t on the same coast for most of it: He was on the road or out in Los Angeles, and after our daughter was born, I was on the East Coast, raising four children and flying across the country every two weeks.

Given our professions, proximity was a tremendous obstacle, so we had that issue on top of the age thing.

So I made the first move—he would never have approached me because I was with my daughter.

I found out he was from Buffalo, which is also where my mom is from.

At the time I worried about being too old, even though I was still very young.

He was in the NBA, which is basically another kind of show business, though it was high profile in a way I hadn’t experienced before.

I wouldn’t have married them if they weren’t decent people.

I think women marry expectations: They see the reality of someone, but they think they can change it. I hung in there for a while, until there came a time when I couldn’t anymore.

And I think men marry who the woman is at that moment—they don’t feel like she will ever change and can’t handle it when she evolves. My second husband was six years younger than I was: When we got married, I was 36.

I’ve been a mother so long that it’s hard to remember what my life was like before then, but parenthood has never felt like a burden: It strengthened my outlook on life and made me more ambitious in my career.

I was always working my professional life and my life as a wife and mother simultaneously.

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