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Over the past few years, especially during promo for his show The Good Wife, Czuchry asserted that he did not have a significant other, so it's safe to say he's been enjoying playing the field for a while.

When looking up Czuchry's past relationships, the only name that pops up is Kate Bosworth.

He was an NCAA ranked player in the Southern Conference. He once stated in a show that before he became an actor, he took the Law School Admission Test and scored miserable grades.

Matt used to be considered as a Casanova in his college days. He isn’t married as of now, but according to a reporter, Matt is looking for a good wife. His charming looks have helped him gain a lot of fans all across the globe.

His eye color is a shade of brown, his hair color is blonde.

He also did guest spots on Freaks and Geeks, 7th Heaven, The Practice, Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights.

On the April 29, 2016, episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he said that before becoming an actor he took the Law School Admission Test and did poorly.

Bosworth and Czuchry reportedly dated from 2000 to 2002, after they co-starred in the ill fated WB show Young Americans.

In 2010, the two were spotted having lunch, but they were also accompanied by Bosworth's then-boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard, so I guess things are very amicable.

redefined what a procedural series can be, consistently delivering edge-of-your-seat emergencies, mixed with emotional story arcs and incredible performances from one of the most powerful teams of actors on television,” said Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn.

He added, “The team behind continue to showcase their brilliant storytelling, revealing both the triumphs and tragedy within the medical world…

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