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First, Norman, whom Scott grew up idolizing, took the hit for showing favoritism to a friend by making Scott a captain's pick for the 2009 Presidents Cup."That was an incredible gesture by Greg, and it meant a lot," Scott says.

"When he put me on the team, it made me feel like a world-class player again."At about the same time, Scott began playing like one.

No longer a global wanderer of tours who played too many events while tired and uninspired, Scott is playing a more selective schedule so he can show up ready, especially at the major championships."Adam's whole purpose is about being a golfer," says his father. But he's not someone who feels like he has to be in the spotlight to be happy.

In retrospect, the road back has been a series of steady steps.

It's understandable: Bronzed and chiseled, with a thick shock of curly brown hair and a rugged layer of designer stubble, Scott looks more like a Hollywood hunk preparing for the role of Achilles than a tour pro arriving for a magazine photo shoot.

After the makeup artist applies a perfunctory layer of color to his face, she half-jokingly tells co-workers she hopes Scott—or as she calls him, Adam Hot—will have some shirtless poses that will give her the chance to rub oil on his torso.

Legendary photographer Walter Iooss Jr., who for decades has aesthetically assessed the body parts of elite athletes (and swimsuit models), comments on the size of Scott's arms (which, after the Masters, inspired the Twitter handle @Adam Scotts Bicep) and asks if he has been lifting more in the weight room."Nothing heavy," says Scott, 33, in his clear Australian intonation.

"I guess I'm just finally filling out."In the next few moments, a fashion director will compliment the colors, style and fit of Scott's clothing, and an instruction editor will praise his improved wedge play.

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