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We went into a couple of the bars just to see what was happening and finally came to one that looked a little classier than the others.We went inside and ordered four beers (Mexican beer bottles are smaller than ours) and took a table near the stage.We called the manager over to our table and asked if he allowed amateurs to dance at his bar.He said it was no problem as long as they were attractive and that I was more than attractive enough to be allowed to dance.

I have been happily married for nearly ten years now.

Removing the bra only took about 20 seconds so I used the rest of the time to freshen my make up and put on some bright red lipstick and dark eye liner.

Even though my nipples were standing out from sheer erotic anticipation, I pinched them hard so they would be pink and stand out through my thin dress when I went on stage.

The thoughts made me warm and damp so I finally got the nerve to lean over to my husband and whisper, "We're thousands of miles from home and you always said you don't mind if I flash a bit of skin for other guys. " He was instantly enthusiastic and asked me if I was sure I'd have the nerve.

I said that it would be really kinky and I had always had a secret desire to turn on a whole room full of men.

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When not dancing they mixed with the customers and tried to get them to buy more drinks. The braver ones stripped nude and even took tips from customers in the form of folded dollar bills by holding open their pussy lips and allowing the audience members to put the bill between their lips (not into their vaginas).

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