Validating your username with planet auran

A few such below also can apply to containers and/or sub-containers, but most seen refer to KINDs.

Lastly and least often, there are missing texture faults and those using illegal characters (Non-ANSI character coding, mostly from non-English alphabets such as many European languages) in file names which are illegal in Trainz.

There is no end in sight with these higher prices, So until the prices are like this. I've checked through my spam folder and nothing shows up.[/font] Try again.

If it doesn't work, send me an email and let me know the user name and email address used when registering so I can look into it. Marc - 3DTrains Pro Series v4.0 Super Packs Marc, My user name on the 3DTrains forum is bwaterman and when I try to go to Product News and Development for any of the routes listed there I get the following information displayed on my screen. 3DTrains Forum Rules Forum Help Search Members Calendar [X]My Assistant Loading. This menu has been disabled 3DTrains Forums Board Message Sorry, an error occurred.

If I remember correctly, forum membership is usually granted by Marc after you purchase one of the trainsets or scenery upgrades.

Submit your request and payment and Marc will email you how to get into the download forum.

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