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It was clearly stated again and again that people whose names didn’t appear in it will get ample opportunity and time to approach the authorities for the same.No, that didn’t cut much ice with the people who were spreading the canard. The entire NRC procedure is about claim and objections. But it is true that some unscrupulous people largely complained against a section of religious minority with a hidden agenda.Since the beginning the updating process has been subjected to various legal scrutinizes.Then, why is the ruling party at the Centre and the State against it?Some national and international agencies are also involved in it.

But both the sections missed the point that that was only the first draft of the NRC with obvious loopholes.Unfortunately these days even the research in some branches of natural sciences is also decided by extraneous factors.It happens too often in the research of biotechnology and medical science.When it was known that about 40, 00,000 people were dropped from the first list, it was interpreted differently by different people.Some celebrated it saying that it vouched their suspicion as they suspected the presence of that many number of foreign nationals in Assam.

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