Updating the definition of internationalization

Therefore, Launched in 2016, ISAS (2.0) builds on the former IAU ISAS program, created to help HEIs develop or review their internationalization policies, strategies and programs.

ISAS (2.0) consists of several different but complementary services designed for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), individuals at HEIs, national governments andorganizations.

To maximize outreach and accommodate time differences, IAU conducted the webinar in both English and French and re-broadcasted the original English language session.

The English language webinars drew 36 participants from all over the world, including Australia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and the USA.

IAU focuses on the academic rationales, the equitable and collaborative nature of the process and aims to minimize the adverse effects of international interactions when these take place in highly unequal and diverse contexts among HEIs with different, resources, needs and interests.

It can focus exclusively on the national policy level, with IAU providing international experts to assist the government or governmental organization in developing a proposal for a national strategy.

Detailed procedure The process of designing or revising a national policy can also involve working ’bottom-up’, meaning working at the same time at governmental and institutional levels.

It consists of three services: Advancing strategic internationalization at HEIs (for HEIs) Facilitating individual learning for internationalization for HEIs and individuals working at HEIs.

(for HEIs and individuals at HEIs) National advisory service for strategy or policy development for HE internationalization (for national governments, agencies and organizations) ISAS (2.0) promotional leaflet List of past and ongoing ISAS 2.0 projects There are 4 strands of service designed specifically for HEIs..

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