Updating microchip in dog

The new ordinance went into effect for enforcement in July 2015.San Antonio residents who live within City limits can obtain FREE microchips anytime at ACS or at any of our monthly Microchip Mania!Most private veterinary clinics offer microchip services for a fee as do local community shelters like the San Antonio Humane Society (4804 Fredericksburg) and the Animal Defense League (11300 Nacogdoches) and local spay/neuter clinics.Be sure to ask if the service includes registration--otherwise you will be responsible for making sure the microchip company has your contact information!That number will be associated with a specific microchip manufacturer (see Microchip Manufacturer Information above) and you will be contacted using the contact information on file with your pet’s microchip manufacturer.*It is vital to keep your contact information up to date so that you can be reached.

A microchip is a small device about the size of a grain of rice that’s injected under the skin of your pet.clinics - check out our events calendar for the next microchip clinic!Lost pets with a microchip have a significantly higher chance of returning home when brought into a veterinary clinic or shelter.Microchips carry only a unique identification number.If your pet gets lost and is taken to Animal Care Services, another shelter, or to a vet clinic, your pet will be scanned for a microchip to reveal their unique ID number.

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