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This causes the system launcher (launchd) to open a small program called "fpsaud" (likely standing for Flash Player Silent Auto Updater) which is located within the Adobe Flash install manager utility.

When fpsaud opens it will check the current version and the available version for the presence of an updated Flash player version, and will then install it if needed.

The installation of the new version is silent, so users will not be prompted to download, and will instead be automatically updated to the latest version.

While this update scheme is beneficial, it might at first glance appear alarming to some people who have researched Flashback and other recent malware attacks on OS X, where malicious programs have used that have targeted small updaters and installers in similar ways.

Your rights to use any Flash player, projector, standalone player, plug-in, runtime or Active X control provided to you below, shall be solely as set forth in the following link,

Click the large Download button on the page to start downloading the latest Flash installer.

Open the downloaded DMG from your Downloads folder and launch the Flash Installer housed in said DMG.

Apple is blocking older version of Flash on Mac OS X after yet another security exploit has been exposed for the plug-in.

Users running old versions of Flash will now be shown a “Flash Out of Date” button where Flash content would normally be displayed.

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To uninstall the debugger, go to Control Panel Note: Flash CS4 users must rename and save flashplayer_11_sa_and flashplayer_10_sa_zip to Players/Debug/Flash and Players/Debug/Flash in order to debug Action Script 3.0 projects.

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