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Once you send something out on the Internet, it's almost impossible to take it back.

You have to be careful -- not impulsive -- when you write email or go to chat rooms.

If you do, you need to be wary of things that lurk on the dark side of the Internet.

Not only are there viruses, hackers and spammers -- online predators and a bunch of evildoers are out there just waiting to pounce on teens in the digital world.

People Live in "Fantasyland" Online Even though someone writes, “Hi, I’m a really cool 15-year-old guy from New York City,” in reality that guy may be a 60-year-old man or even your next-door neighbor. Your Information Can Be Sold to Others Every web site has this thing called a “privacy policy.” It will tell you how that web site uses all the personal information about you, like your name.

In some cases, though, when you’re not looking, some web sites ignore their privacy policy and sell your email address to other companies.

All of you meet together in a public area like a mall where there are tons of people around. If the situation feels creepy, it probably is creepy!

Watch what you post about yourself or others -- or allow your friends to post about you -- because you may have to live with it for a long, long time.

They may also help you avoid potential problems if a web site or new "friend" looks sketchy.

Almost Everything on the Internet Is Traceable Every search, web site visit, online posting and email is registered or recorded somewhere on the Internet.

You’ve probably come across some explicit sexual material on the Internet.

That’s because pornography is big business on the web. In real life, real people don't act that way with each other.

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