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“Delivery From ABAP hints & Tips: IN in logical expressions and sql statements It is possible to use a selection table if together with the IN operator.

Example: * Selection table DATA: BEGIN OF it_select_fkart OCCURS 0,sign(1),option(2),low LIKE zsd00010-fkart,high LIKE zsd00010-fkart, END OF it_select_fkart. * Select statement SELECT vbelnzuonrkunagfkartfkdat INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE i_indlaes_vbrk FROM vbrk WHERE kunag IN s_kunag ANDfkart IN it_select_fkart. Using aggergate functions SELECT MAX( MSGNR ) FROM T100 INTO C4AWHERE SPRSL = ‘D’ ANDARBGB = ’00’.

update zsd00003 set zlogdato = sy-datumzlogtid = sy-uzeitwhere zdriftscenter = g_screen0100-zdriftscenter. data: begin of i_material occurs 0,matnr like mara-matnr,maktx like makt-maktx,end of i_material. select matnrappending corresponding fields of table i_materialfrom mara.

Update with where clause This statement updates the fields zlogdato and zlogtid for the records thatsatisfies the where clause.

Those described in this document refer to SCDs of Type 2/6.)In many instances of SAP HANA data mart solutions, data is replicated from source systems into HANA via SAP LT Replication server (SLT).

SLT does not come with history preservation features “out-of-the-box”.

(21) DIRECT INPUT: To enhance the batch input procedure, the system offers the direct input technique, especially for transferring large amounts of data.

In contrast to batch input, this technique does not create sessions, but stores the data directly. To enter the data into the corresponding database tables directly, the system calls a number of function modules that execute any necessary checks.

However, to be able to activate the restart mechanism, direct input programs must be executed in the background only. If the return code is anything other than 0, then you should do the following: write out or save the message table use the BDCDATA table that you generated for the CALL TRANSACTION USING to generate a batch input session for the faulty transaction. You can then analyze the faulty transaction and correct the error using the tools provided in the batch input management facility. 20) USING CALL DIALOG WITH BATCH INPUT: A program that uses CALL DIALOG to submit batch input should perform the following steps: 1. *----------------------------------------------------------------* * * * Create batch input session * * * *----------------------------------------------------------------* FORM CREATE_GROUP. "------------------------------------------------------------* " Open batch input group * "------------------------------------------------------------* CALL FUNCTION 'BDC_OPEN_GROUP' EXPORTING CLIENT = SY-MANDT GROUP = GROUP USER = USER KEEP = KEEP HOLDDATE = HOLDDATE. "------------------------------------------------------------* " Insert first transaction * "------------------------------------------------------------* PERFORM GEN_BDC_DATA. CALL TRANSACTION 'SE38' USING BDCDATA MODE DMODE MESSAGES INTO MESSTAB. For the screens you want processed, fill all desired fields. Use a CALL DIALOG statement to call the dialog module and to pass it to the BDCDATA table. CALL FUNCTION 'BDC_INSERT' EXPORTING TCODE = 'SE38' TABLES DYNPROTAB = BDCDATA. "------------------------------------------------------------* " Insert second transaction * "------------------------------------------------------------* PERFORM GEN_BDC_DATA. " End CREATE_GROUP *----------------------------------------------------------------* * * * Call Transaction Using * * * *----------------------------------------------------------------* FORM CALL_TRANSACTION. WRITE: SY-SUBRC, SY-MSGTY, SY-MSGID, SY-MSGNO, SY-MSGV1.

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