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But, one further point of encouragement is the fact that all three doctors were quite confident that surgery would make a huge difference in my quality of life.

All three said that I am practically the perfect candidate to benefit in a huge way from the procedure.

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Besides, the dog would post things that make sense. NEC's IT Guy Games: 2005 is underway - so go check it out and play.

I guess I just never had the chance to think them before now. Oh boy, this is definitely procedure is the best option for me. The actual surgical procedure followed to do either the disc replacement or the fusion is pretty much identical.

Not to mention the health insurance company part - who knows what they'll have to say. The only real difference is what goes between the vertebrae once they get to where they're headed - some metal cages, some bone, or the artificial disc.

You can play as often as you like, and keep working to earn better scores (some of them are freaky amazing high scores).

And the end of each competition period, one winner takes home a 61-inch NEC plasma display.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share your own tools and services in comments (I’m sure I’ll have missed some).

Or, just click below: In December I had a minimally-invasive surgical procedure done on my lower back to try to help correct a herniated disc down there in my spine at the L5/S1 joint (that's just below hip level).

The end result was a limited success, and I am pretty much back where I was before the procedure nowadays, as far as the back/leg pain, numbness and reduced motor skills in my legs go.

The original procedure was no guarantee, but we had high hopes.

I decided a minimally-invasive procedure - one that would not require any permanent changes, cutting or physical limitations - was a good first shot to take.

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The doctor who did the procedure in December told me he thought there were a few remaining possibilities for me: Live with it (always an option), maybe do a microsdiscectomy (an iffy proposition), bone fusion of the joint, or artificial disc replacement. That's encouraging, at least in terms of knowing where I really stand.

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