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It's known to many just as "the secret meat restaurant" behind an unassuming facade, serving up some of the best meat you can find... Why you should join: Amy's been throwing events for many, many years -- in fact, she's parlayed the whole "secret dinner" thing into a hugely successful catering business. Jeff Miller is the editor of Thrillist LA and has a secret breakfast-hash club in his apartment every morning.anywhere; once inside, expect a wallet-emptying, belly-filling meal with a ton of courses of melt-in-your-mouth beef. But that doesn't keep her from busting out the surprise supper club action once every couple of months. When: Every five weeks Where: C'mon, you're smarter than that Why you should join: Another old-school group busting out secret dinners, Chicks With Knives also runs a super-successful series of... Find out what's in this morning's at @jeffmillerla on Instagram and @Thrillist LA on Twitter.To linger after dinner, the lounge offers late-night nibbles until 1 a.m.Browse more supper clubs in our directory, or learn the story behind iconic supper clubs!In addition to 8- to 28-ounce steaks, specialties range from rack of lamb to a venison tenderloin filet.Add a side of Yorkshire pudding instead of the more typical baked potato.We were hosting our last supperclub for 2018 and we were pleased to welcome a full table of guests, including a returnee and an old family friend.

Right out the door is Lake Michigan, flashy neon signage and a painting of a giant martini.

The floral tribute to George Michael is no longer there but his generosity to the funding of events in Highgate Village was well recognised by locals and his presence as a member of the Highgate community is still missed.

Tufnell Park may be ‘down the hill’ from Highgate but it certainly can compete on the celebrity resident front.

, a "supper club" is "a private entity that serves suppers, oftentimes in unmarked restaurants, warehouse spaces, or HOLY CRAP ONE IS ON SOMEONE'S APARTMENT BALCONY?!?

" Here's a rundown of all the ones you should know about in LA, plus -- way more importantly -- how to get into every single one. six of the most interesting people we'd ever met in our lives.

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By Mary Bergin Special to Travel Supper clubs are all about connection in Wisconsin, and that includes nooks for romantic interludes.

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