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On the way, you will find 17 arranged information points talking about the geological, hydrological, building, vegetational, life and other characteristics of the Triglav National Park.

For better orientation: However, the website also previews the introduction of the new districts/regions division in the future.

Generally, Gorenjska (Upper Carniola) stretches from the centre up into the north and north west of the country, Štajerska (Styria) and Prekmurje (the Mura River region) extend towards Hungary in the east, Koroška (Carinthia) follows the Drava river in the north east, Notranjska (Inner Carniola) is located in the south west, Dolenjska (Lower Carniola) stretches from the centre towards the south, Bela Krajina (White Carniola) runs along the Croatian border in the south and Primorska (the coast and its hinterland along the Italian border) is situated in the west.

Gorenjska is mainly Alpine and Primorska Mediterranean, but Štajerska reaches into the Pannonian Plain, and Notranjska into both Dinaric and Mediterranean types of landscape.

In the summer, you can use the bus transportation between Bovec and Kranjska Gora so you do not have to return to the starting point of your the hike along the same route. Regular guided tours on the Soča Trail take place every Thursday in June, July and August.

Assembly point: Koča pri izviru Soče (Mountain hut at the source of the Soča River) at AM.

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In the south of Slovenia there is the cool and damp Dinaric, a north-eastern section of the Dinaric Alps which covers 28.1 per cent of Slovene territory.

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