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In 1920 Shalom Schwarzbard returned to Paris, where he made his living as a watchmaker. After seeking unsuccessfully to call attention to these crimes committed against the Jewish population in Ukraine in his writing, on May 25, 1926, Shalom Schwarzbard took justice into his own hands and assassinated the former Ukrainian leader, Symon Petliura, in Paris.

Some letters express encouragement and support for Shalom Schwarzbard's act of assassination of the former Ukrainian leader, Symon Petliura.A great number of publicly recognized personalities, such as Henri Bergson, Romain Rolland, Albert Einstein, and Alexander Kerensky volunteered to testify on Shalom Schwarzbard's behalf, and the former Prime Minister of Hungary Mihaly Károlyi prepared an analysis of the Jewish problem in Central and Eastern Europe for the defense.In the end, the court acquitted Shalom Schwarzbard, who was released from the prison after almost a year and half.While Shalom Schwarzbard was called a Jewish national hero and appeals were made to Jews all over the world to contribute financially to his defense, Symon Petliura suddenly became a martyr of the Ukrainian émigré community and his death unified the hitherto divided Ukrainian exiles.Many Ukrainian emigrés believed that Shalom Schwarzbard was a Bolshevik agent who carried out the assassination under orders from Moscow.

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