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They can be used to unlock chats early, replay missed chats, to call characters, and to unlock the Deep Stories.You can earn them for free by participating in chats, but the rate is random, the only sure fire way to gain Hourglasses are to just buy them with real money.I don’t need to play the other character routes to know that Seven is the best boy!He just stole the show, every time I saw his name on one of the chats, I just knew I was in for a good time!The Messages were more of an annoyance than anything else and I really could have done without them. I liked that I could call the various characters and actually hear their voices I didn’t see any benefit to to them. I never got any Hearts or Hourglasses, so I didn’t really see an immediate payoff from participating in calls.Now, if I could actually talk to the characters, by saying pre-determined phrases or something like that, I think I might have liked the feature a bit more.While each individual route serves as a self contained narrative, there are some aspects of the story that can only be uncovered by playing all of the character routes in the game.

With his snarky attitude and his constant trolling he hacked his way into my heart!! Instead of relying on extended visual novel scenes most of the gameplay in MM involves interacting with characters using a mobile app interface. When I found out that the game took place through a series of real time chat rooms, I was not very enthusiastic.

The character designs were nice, but they don’t really come into play outside of the brief visual novel segments.

I loved the cute animated stickers and stylized text boxes used in the chat, they really added an extra layer to the chats that made them feel more interactive.

lack of sleep) I really started to look forward to them.

Now the two features I wasn’t especially sold on were the Message feature and the Call feature.

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I had to take so many naps throughout the day just to make up for all of the lost hours of sleep.

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