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We Chat is used in both personal and business settings and really has become the default means of Chinese person-to-person and person-to-business communications.

With a digital platform as big as We Chat, there are countless facets to measure its size and growth by.

The information challenge of We Chat is as much a story about the platform as one about the communities it serves.

For instance, the study finds a striking divergence between how much an issue was given attention on We Chat when it was not reported by English-language media.

At these outlets, a skeletal team of staff writers (often one person) scours the internet or We Chat itself for the most clickbaity bits of information, and then pieces them together or directly clones stories to share.locally oriented news outlets on We Chat contribute heavily to the amplification of misinformation.

Many such outlets have emerged in an attempt to seize the thriving niche market as a major immigrant destination, promoting their usefulness by delivering practical information on where to shop and get services, how to prevent crime, and what events are happening locally.

Examples like these highlight the need to connect with the immigrant population served by this information ecosystem, understand which issues matter to them, and why distorted narratives may resonate.

The platform is mostly free of algorithmic and computational manipulation.Another top issue on the platform that emerged was undocumented immigration, especially anger around sanctuary cities.The barrage of We Chat coverage aligned with recent protests by first-generation Chinese offering paths to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.Top issues on the platform during the period of study, including affirmative action and census data disaggregation, hardly received any coverage in English-speaking media.The invisibility of these issues in mainstream media drives users to We Chat, where the topics become focal points of discussion and mobilization among first-generation Chinese.

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