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When an offence is not cleared either by the laying or recommendation of charges or through some other means, it can signify that a chargeable suspect has not been identified in conjunction with the offence.

Thus, the proportion of child luring incidents not cleared by the laying of charges or cleared otherwise may be explained by the difficulties inherent in identifying and apprehending online predators outside of the borderless and seemingly anonymous world of the Internet.

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Moreover, today's youth use more than computers to connect in cyberspace — technologies such as Internet-compatible cell phones, text messaging devices and webcams are also popular among many young people (Media Awareness Network 2005; Clark, 2001).

As a result, email, instant messages, blogs, chat rooms, online gaming, and other online networking mechanisms are becoming a larger part of the social network of today's children and youth (Sinclair, 2007).

Online predators can use cyberspace as a place to meet children and youth in order to lure them for sexual purposes (Wolak, Finkelhor, Mitchell, and Ybarra 2008; Denis, 2007; Sinclair, 2007).There are many challenges police face in acquiring the evidence necessary to lay charges against people for crimes committed over the Internet.For example, conversations or sexually exploitative images are easily stored and removed from digital devices such as cameras, cellular phones, music players and game consoles; all of which are likely to go undetected (Denis, 2007).Training, cooperation and information sharing between organizations, as well as time and funding have been identified as essential in locating online offenders both nationally and internationally (Sinclair and Sugar, 2005).Overall, most incidents of child luring coming to the attention of police involved a single charge or violation.

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