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Sign up for a free membership to have job postings, guides and advice, and more delivered directly to your inbox.Is your Facebook page closing doors of opportunity?Best practice is to stay away from: It is also advisable to change your privacy settings to "friends and family only" and to not accept new friend requests from people who don't know.You may need to ask friends to take down unflattering pictures or to stop tagging you in posts.The higher the clearance level, the more harm a social media misstep can cause.Your social media accounts are fair game for security clearance Last May, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper signed Security Executive Agent Directive 5 (SEAD 5).You may also be denied employment, fired from the job, or debarred from Federal employment for making false statements.Step 2: The Investigation a) Allegiance to the United States b) Foreign influence c) Foreign preference d) Sexual behavior e) Personal conduct f) Financial considerations g) Alcohol consumption h) Drug involvement i) Emotional, mental, and personality disorders j) Criminal conduct k) Security violations l) Outside activities m) Misuse of Information Technology Systems Re-investigation Whether you want to polish up your resume, find veteran job fairs in your area, or connect with employers looking to hire veterans, can help.

It is particularly true for federal positions involving security clearance.

The Security Clearance and Investigation Process: Step 1: You are offered a position requiring a security clearance and complete the questionnaire to initiate the investigation. Step 3: The investigation is adjudicated and clearance is granted.

Step 1: Selection and Form Submission The employing or sponsoring Federal agency will have you complete the Standard Form (SF) 86 – Questionnaire for National Security Positions (you can get the form at gov/forms), releases, certification form, and fingerprint card.

SEAD 5 not only made the practice official but established parameters to protect privacy and civil rights.

Investigators are not required to review social media but they have the green light if it the agency head deems it germane.

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Under the new guidelines, officials will conduct “continuous” monitoring of federal employees who have roles in national security, including service members.

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