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Visual Basic supports many data types so that it can handle all your programming needs. Select End Sub Power Point Presentation : Sub Copy Current Region () Range(“A1”). For example, you’ll work with names, addresses, dollar amounts, large numbers, small numbers, and logical data that may be true or false (or yes or no). A byte is a group of bits, with a bit being the smallest storage unit and having a binary value or either 1 or 0. Count 'Change Rows to Columns to count columns Msg Box my Count End Sub Power Point Presentation : Copying A Range Copy data from a specific range can be done with this macro. Data Types - Byte : Data Types - Byte The size of a data type refers to the numbers of bytes it takes to store. Column Msgbox my Row & "," & my Col End Sub Power Point Presentation : Deleting Empty Rows To delete empty rows in a selected range we can use the following macro. First the macro counts the rows in a selected range to determine the when the macro should stop. Cut Copy Mode = False End Sub Macro Recording – Another Example Power Point Presentation : You can make this macro even more efficient by not selecting the destination. You have lots of flexibility in naming your variables, so make the variable names as descriptive as possible. Screen Updating = True End Sub Power Point Presentation : Duplicates (Highlight duplicates in Bold Red) There are times you need to highlight duplicate data in your worksheet. Cut Copy Mode = False End Sub Macro Recording – Editing Power Point Presentation : (space) ~ ´ ` " . You can declare a variable to contain a specific type data value.

Screen Updating = True 'Make Power Point Visible and Active Power Point App.

Creating a Power Point presentation using data from Excel is very common. Copy 'Paste to new slide in Power Point and position my Slide. Paste Special Data Type:=2 '2 = pp Paste Enhanced Metafile Set my Shape = my Slide.

You can simply create a new Power Point, copy all the data, and you’re done. Text = country Name " - Data" 'Copy Excel Range from each sheet Set rng = This Workbook.

When you click this button, it changes to a different color than the rest of the ribbon. The month names are always entered beginning at the active cell .

Click the Use Relative References button to change the recording mode to relative. This macro always starts entering text in the active cell. Move the cell pointer to any cell and then execute the Relative macro.

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Data types : Data types Data type, is the manner in which a program stores data in memory — for example, as integers, real numbers, or strings. Screen Updating = False For i = 1 To Rng If Active Cell.

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