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About 51% of online daters are already in a long-term commitment and 11% are already married. It’s OK to ask questions and do some research if you’re worried someone isn’t being 100% honest with you.We’re back to Phacutal’s research, which cites that 33% of women have sex on the first date they met with someone online, but that’s not really the bad news (people can do whatever they want with their bodies).When you’ve been single for a while, you may still get excited about going on dates but there inevitability comes a point when you would rather watch TV with a glass of wine on your couch than suffer through another date that is going nowhere.Is it so crazy to think that you could actually enjoy your single status and are starting to fear the dating world?

Internet Predator Stats found online predators commit around 16,000 abductions, 100 murders, and thousands of rapes each year.

You spend your free time catching up on your shows, going to yoga and swearing this is the week you’re going to cook more. The kind of dates where you escape to the bathroom and text your BFF needing advice on how to leave gracefully. Eleanor Roosevelt said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” and you live by that motto, but you’ve been insulted by guys in the past and don’t feel like dealing with it.

Where the guy looks nothing like his profile picture and plans what you will do on every single subsequent date… All it takes is one mean comment on a date and it can put you off dating for ages.

You know that having a boyfriend will alter your schedule and honestly, you don’t want that right now.

You have a job you love, an amazing family and close friends, and that’s enough.

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The bad news comes with the second part of that stat — four out of five don’t use protection.

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  1. Mais en gros, par flemme ou incompétence, certaines nous demandent de faire le boulot à leur place et ce n'est pas forcément évident de prime abord. Elle est très utile de peur de faire une énorme boulette avec les américains.