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The good news is that as you become more "established" on P411, by filling out your profile and collecting Okays, you will find the screening process using P411 gets easier and easier.However, as a Basic member (with no Okays) you may still find it challenging to pass many providers screening, although being a P411 member will definitely help!Some ladies will ask for additional info and some will not. All providers are verified to be legitimate and reputable to the best of our ability before we will approve the account.Regardless, we always suggest you do your own research on every potential visit to make sure she is a good match for you and to ensure your safety. Some membership are approved very quickly if all of the required info is provided and everything runs hookup id What is Dating ID/Meetup ID/Hookup ID/Safety Daters Pass? Do you have any alternative link to verify/get the ID?This means you should NOT send it via email, via text, or enter it on any website other than P411. Non-P411 Providers can be manually added to your Favorites and then sent an Invite to View your limited P411 profile, which does not show them your P411 client id. We suggest contacting the provider first, so she can confirm she remembers you and is willing to vouch, before filling out the application. Only a legitimate escorts, with a good reputation in the community, will be approved for a P411 listing. He will need to send you an invite through the site and can indicate that he is willing to vouch for you on the invite.That client will also need to have at least 5 provider Okays to be able to vouch for you.

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Click Join now, AFTER that PROCEED to the second page and fill up the cc page COMPLETELY and HONESTLY for the VERIFICATION of your PROTECTED MEETUP ID/DATING ID/ HOOKUP ID/SAFE DATING PROVIDER license when you are done just contact us immediately so we can arrange your Hookup ID card thank you! Is Online Dating Protector ID/Hookup ID scam or legit?

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