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The most important part, however, is where to find the RSS feeds. Most of the larger Bit Torrent sites offer search-based RSS feeds.

The reason they’re called “search-based feeds” is because they are feeds that relate to particular search terms.

However, RSS feeds can of course also be used as a notification system.

That is, you can use Bit Torrent feeds with your regular RSS reader, and decide whether you want to download the torrents that appear in the feed yourself.

A great example of an all-in-one Bit Torrent solution for video downloads is Miro, formerly known as the Democracy player.

Miro is an Internet TV player that allows you to automatically download and the latest TV shows, video podcasts and more.

Rather than manually trawling many torrent sites hunting for material, most will agree it’s much more convenient for the content to come to the user.

Since quite a few people use Bit Torrent as a VCR or Ti Vo alternative, RSS feeds are a great help in automating TV-show downloads.

There are several ways to import your favorite TV-shows into your download queue, but perhaps one of the most convenient is Feed My Torrent.

Bitcomet, u Torrent and Vuze for example all have an RSS feature.

A list of all compatible clients is available on Wikipedia.

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