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(Fortune Magazine) -- --Editor's Note: This story contains profanity.

Ronald Perelman may not be the most disputatious tycoon on the planet, but he sure spends a lot of time in the courtroom.

A few months later Robert Cohen threw a party for the newlyweds at the nightclub Palladium, where the Pointer Sisters performed.

At the time Perelman was in the midst of a bitter takeover battle for control of Revlon (REV).

Indeed, Ronald Perelman had no idea of the kind of nerve it took to make it in the newspaper distribution business.Though she earned around ,000 a year as a TV society journalist, she lived in a spacious apartment on Central Park South. When Perelman and Cohen went to Florida for a friend's party, Claudia was unhappy with their room at the luxury resort the Breakers. They both liked the finer things, including cigars and Hermès ties -- Cohen had hundreds of them.She had a car take them to her parents' oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach. Perelman, a shopping fanatic, kept suits arranged chronologically, based on the year he'd had them made.He needs round-the-clock attention from a team of nurses who bathe, dress, and feed him, and make sure he doesn't choke.But Perelman, it turned out, tangled with the wrong octogenarian invalid.

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