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Choice of site was found to be important and shallow water where bad weather could easily destroy the beds should be avoided.

For most of the taxa, particularly terrestrial species, the traditional l UCN status categories have been used.

The introductory section is similar to that for groups with no species accounts, provides a context for the subsequent accounts, and emphasizes those areas not well covered by the succeeding taxa examples.

Ciliates are often used for water quality testing and have proved to be as sensitive as other invertebrates or fish for this purpose.

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It is therefore not surprising that protozoa are often thought of in the context of disease.

Sponges are well suited to cultivation since small cut pieces will regenerate and in the early part of this century considerable research was carried out (1,2,12,13).

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The results of pollution studies are often conflicting.

In Tunisia usable species are common far beyond the established fishing grounds (30) and there may be a number of countries which have sponges of commercial value and as yet do not exploit them.

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The first attempt was in Florida in 1879, and a sponge farm has been in existence on Andros Island in the Bahamas for many years.

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