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Plus, if your special day sprung up on you (funny how that happens, isn't it?

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Share your ideas on redneck weddings, limos, accents and bbq.

We all get a laugh out of it so put it on parade we say.

Talk about jean shorts, daisy dukes, beards or ink, spread the fun, reap the rewards.

Although you cherish the love you share every single day, celebrate your relationship — year one, 10, 25, and beyond — with one of these thoughtful anniversary gifts.

Because the more relaxed you get with us the more fun you'll have and the more love you'll find. Life is short and we all might as well enjoy it as much we can. Poke fun at yourself and you'll win the hearts of many (plus it just feels good), you might even attract your soul mate, and that's good stuff right there all on its own. If you're a comic, wrote a country song, or just plain redneck crazy, you're welcome here anytime.You've got redneck engineering techniques others can use – share it on your wall.Send friend requests and build new relationships, and have fun with it!But don't get too caught up on it all - the whole thing is probably just codetalk or something.. But sometimes it's hard to get the attention you need at the race or local bar, sometimes impossible.No worries though, bellywag is here to make things more efficient. Our goal is to be the leading redneck dating & singles website around and we've put together something special for all of us. We joke a lot but we really are committed to traditional, long-term healthy relationships. We're a small group of Carolina tech types working to revolutionize online dating.

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