Racist dating a black person

My experience was extremely positive, but there are so many factors dictating this that it’s difficult to provide a definitive response that would apply to all. The architecture is stunning, the history and culture immersive, the food divine.

However, on my next visit, I would like to venture outside of the main cities and explore elsewhere– Russia is too large to rely on just Moscow and St.

People were extremely polite, helpful and cordial, especially in Moscow, which is decidedly the most “Russian” of the two cities (St. I also found it to be way more touristy and easier to navigate as English, as opposed to just Russian language, is written and spoken far more widely than in Moscow). Black women that travel are less of a perceived threat than black men– blame mass media, who seem hell bent on propagating the idea that black men are imposing, dangerous, criminal. Russians in these cities are well-educated and used to both seeing and interacting with foreign visitors.

Here are some examples of the encounters I had in Moscow that stuck out to me most: These are a few (anecdotal) examples that show why I found my experience in Russia to be extremely pleasant overall. Had I ventured “off the beaten path”, to more rural cities, my experience might have been different.

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In my research on the web, I was surprised to discover that black folks have long had a presence in what was known as the USSR: according to this article, hundreds of African-Americans travelled to the region between 19 in an attempt to make a better life for themselves, as well as to escape the economic strife and racial persecution they faced in the USA.

Blacks from the African continent weren’t far behind: this article explains that they relocated to the Soviet Union in large numbers, recruited by officials promising a free university education.

It would be reckless to not acknowledge that being in his presence the vast majority of the time possibly shielded me from untoward reactions.

That being said, aware of this, I made sure to spend two afternoons exploring on my own.

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Don’t believe the hype, in many countries Americans are put on a pedestal and given preferential treatment.

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