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So let's see if you're really the perfect date or if you seriously need to temper your expectations. But if you’re new to dating someone, maybe you’d feel guilty hijacking their wallet and offer to go dutch.

Or maybe you know that you deserve to be treated right, and you go ahead and order up the surf and turf.

Well, sometimes it’s because a relationship can seem like it’s meant to be in the beginning, but as time goes by, things fizzle out.

And then you try so hard to get things back to how they used to be.

But if you don't have a friend like this and you currently find yourself struggling to meet someone who fits all your needs, then that person may be you.

But how do you know if you're simply holding out for Mr. Right or if you actually have an over-inflated sense of yourself?

And what often makes things ten times worse is that the person who's doing the complaining is usually far from flawless -- whether that means they still live out home with their parents or they're far from a perfect ten in the looks department.

As a result of having such an unrealistic view of themselves and what they think they deserve, this makes finding a potential suitor particularly problematic.

If you think you answered incorrectly, you can always go back to any question and change your answer.But is this really the impression you want to make at the onset of a first date?Most people would probably agree that a first date should be fairly cheap and something noncommittal.This is more often a problem for women as it is men, as you’ve probably heard of a number of females who add height requirements to their dating profiles.But is it really appropriate to alienate a huge percentage of the population just for a few extra inches?

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