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During the Middle Ages, people began decorating eggs and eating them as a treat following mass on Easter Sunday after fasting through Lent."This is actually something that still happens, especially in eastern European countries like Poland," Professor Cusack said."The custom of decorating hard-boiled eggs or blown eggs is still a very popular folk custom."Rabbits and hares are also associated with fertility and were symbols linked to the goddess Eostre.

There were both theological and historical principles at work in arriving at that date.On Easter Sunday, a bunny will deliver chocolate eggs to many households across Australia.Have you ever wondered how this seemingly bizarre tradition came to be?The process began by seeking to establish the likely historical date for the death of Jesus at Passover. The annunciation was set to correspond with that date, so that, theologically, the conception of Jesus and the death of Jesus are observed as part of the same whole.The date to observe the birth of Jesus was then set by adding nine months to March 25, thus arriving at Dec. This process for historical and theological dating was already in place in some of the churches in North Africa as early as the late second century and appears to have spread across the churches from there.

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