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Among the Cuna, the premarital four-day debut ceremony is even sometimes given before puberty in the parents' zeal to insure their daughter's having it (Stout, 1947:p34).As for the Asang, "[a] girl at a very early age, between eight and nine, is betrothed to a young man, who at once takes up residence in the house of her parents, whom he assists until [] [she] is old enough to be married, when, without ceremony, they are recognized as man and wife (Pim and Seeman, 1869:p306-7) A number of psychoanalytic journals provide an insight in Latin American academic integration of Freudian measures of "infantile sexuality" and associated concepts.Nonetheless, the boys still do not know anything concrete about the sexual life of the adults.At times they may have heard an obscene word or seen a suggestive gesture, but their imagination in this regard is based principally on the fragments of songs and myths which they have heard in the ceremonial house.The symbolism of these, in which sexuality, aggressiveness, and concern about food are constantly intermixed, seems to cause serious worries in this stage of childhood".Parental attitudes to masturbation are contradicting (p284-5): "Masturbatory manipulations by male children are regarded as a serious danger to the sexuality of the father and, it is said, lead to the End of the World.These include the Revista de Psicoanalisis (Asociacion Psicoanalitica Argentina), Tropicos: Revista de Psicoanalisis (Sociedad Psicoanalitica de Caracas, Venezuela), Revista Chilena de Psicoanalisis (Asociacion Psicoanalitica Chilena, Chile), Revista Uruguaya de Psicoanalisis (Asociacion Psicoanalitica Del Uruguay), etc.[For a more comprehensive list, see Vaz-Ferreira, C.

Child betrothal is also reported among the Caingu, but the girls were said to remain with their parents, who receive presents from their prospective sons-in-law (ibid.).

Among the Ona, "There was no child betrothal proper" (Cooper, 1946).

For the Samaraka, "[i]n the past, girls were formally betrothed (kii) well before puberty, and "betrothal in the womb" was an accepted practice, while today mean age at betrothal is only a year or two below age at marriage and child betrothal is unknown" (Price, 1975).

(1997) Reflexiones sobre la sexualidad femenina, Rev Psicoanal 54,7-48. (1990) Narcisismo, autoerotismo, simbiosis e incesto. Su conexion con las dos formas de relacion objetal en los primeros anos de vida, Rev Psicoanal 47,5-8; Aberastury, A.

(1970) [The importance of genital organization in the initiation of the early Oedipus complex], Rev Psicoanal 27,1:5-25] report of a Catholic woman's development of awareness and acceptance of her children's sexuality. Online ed.; CRLP (1997) Women of the World: Laws and Policies Affecting Their Reproductive Lives: Latin America and the Caribbean, p69-90.

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