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In other online dating experiences, my blackness was reduced to a pickup line.One match’s greeting was simply “BLM.” I wondered, had the acronym for Black Lives Matter already been coopted? Even when the interactions were funny like this one, after a while, it was draining that every right swipe turned into a dead end.Everything was going well until my date went from talking about previous relationships to mansplaining why historically Black colleges and universities were racist, and lamenting that there aren’t enough white dancehall artists.Having to explain why these were both problematic takes would have been tedious and telling of our different backgrounds.By the time my Tinder date, a regular-shmegular Bay Street bro, sauntered in, my social media research confirmed that he had never dated a Black girl before.(Whether or not his ex was dead was inconclusive, but I digressed.) My suspicions aside, we chatted about our respective upbringings, interests, first jobs and last relationships over situationship without any real attachment to anyone I was dating.

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After editing her photos to make her skin white, while leaving all of her features and profile details intact, she concluded that online dating is skin deep.

“My features were not the problem,” she wrote, “rather, it was the colour of my skin.”With that in mind, I’m ashamed to admit it, but to some degree I tailored my Tinder persona to fit into the mould of eurocentric beauty standards in order to optimize my matches. But from growing up in a predominantly white area and having my hair, skin and culture under constant scrutiny, I knew that not everyone would.

I eventually deleted the app after one match spiralled into incessant and aggressive texts and phone calls.

While my pseudo-stalker scared me off of the app, he didn’t discourage me from love altogether.

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  1. But mere months removed from announcing the end of this eight-year union to Faris, he was determined to ease his way back into the whole finding a life partner process. News at the time "Chris intentionally took his time to get back into the dating field."But try as he might to be pragmatic about love, there comes a point in every successful romance where it simply feels unnecessary to move forward with your foot hovered above the break in anticipation.