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John's record (instead of Bill's) is now highlighted.

Figure D A more complicated condition doesn't change this solution.

Simply find the component that changes, enter the changing value into the sheet, and reference that component in the conditional rule's formula.

For instance, let's suppose you want to highlight records where the date in column B is relative to the current date, but the relative factor changes.

To follow this article, you can work with any simple data set or download the example or workbook.

The project leader position is the condition, not the name of the person who happens to be the project leader at any given time.Sometimes you want to highlight dates that match the current date.You might also want to highlight dates that are a week into the future (or the past).Let's consider a simple data set that highlights records for a project's leader.If the leader changes, you have to update the conditional rules. However, updating these rules frequently or updating several rules at once is tedious!

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