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Especially if she knew he was getting it from his family. Hi Dave - A couple of years ago, I had sent you a photo of the Moon I took with my 25-inch Classic using an i Phone 4S. Our new home will be less than ten miles from the center of Tucson, but the skies here are surprisingly dark because of the lighting ordinances and the low aerosol and moisture levels in the air.Live video work is the ultimate in immediate gratification. Entertain a crowd with deep sky images on the monitor.Actually see deeper than you can with eye at the eyepiece in real time!An evolution of the previous version, the new Obsession Pro MK3 has been refined and was developed with precise input of the freestyle pro team.No compromises were made on the shape and characteristics that distinguish this true freestyle machine.This is essential for a perfect execution of all the most radical maneuvers.

Visit Becky's website Hi Dave, Long time, no write! Or connect to a DVD camcorder or VCR and capture the video to watch later. To learn more about imaging with an Obsession, please see the work of these Obsession owners: CCD imaging Glenn Schaeffer 20" Santa Fe, Texas CCD imaging Pierre Schmid 15" Switzerland Webcam imaging Becky Coretti 15" Ft.Lauderdale, Florida Video stills by Dave Kriege 25" Lake Mills, Wisconsin Occultation of Jupiter taken by Becky Correti and Bill Williams with web cam and 15" Obsession.On a whim, I sent the same photo to Astronomical League earlier this year. I have yet to buy a trailer to transport the scope, but plan to at some point so that I can bring it to some truly dark skies for the first time.I Just received the latest issue of the Reflector and was amazed they published it on the back cover. Take care - Tim Conners Hi Dave Talking about having fun – the 18 inch Obsession Canon DSLR (7D and 5D) – no stacking etc.

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The Obsession PRO is designed with a very high aspect ratio C-shape that helps create the perfect de-power rope length.

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