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The lens is comprised of PMMA haptics, a PMMA anterior reference lens providing distance correction and a small chamber containing solid silicone gel that communicates via aperture with a posteriorly situated piston. Internal scleral fixation secures the haptics to the sulcus without sutures. Additionally, there are no agreed-to standards of true accommodation. Perhaps this will change now that that the FDA and American Academy of Ophthalmology are working to establish extended depth of focus guidelines. When the eye’s normal physiologic ciliary-body contraction occurs, the zonules release tension on the capsule, thus allowing for compression of the two large haptics.

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Understanding the mechanism of human accommodation remains somewhat steeped in mystery and the subject of occasional controversy.

We know the accommodative mechanism occurs either through reflex or conscious volition and consists of a tripart mechanism that includes: conversion of the eyes to the near point; constriction of the pupillary aperture; and adjustment of shape of the crystalline lens. Fox is medical director at the Cornea and Refractive Surgery Practice of New York and at Clarity Refractive Services of West Orange, N.

The flexing characteristic of the Tetraflex lens can also create improved near acuity; however, those involved in its clinical study have noted variability of effect and have indicated that it provides pseudoaccommodation at best.

One capsular bag, fixated accommodating IOL worth discussing is Power Vision’s Fluid Vision Lens.

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