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Now, if you have other attributes, such as confidence, charm, etc. But looks alone doesn’t mean jack shit to females of any age. Some of these guys had what this Feminist Critics column calls gender-nonconforming behaviors – they were .

Any one of these behaviors, not to mention all of them, is pretty deadly in a male. If they do end up with females, the females typically are mean and cruel to them, bitch at them, and constantly complain that they are not masculine.

The darkness is also attributed to candle soot, from the countless prayers offered to the Madonnas over the centuries.

Thing is, a lot of straight guys are just not very masculine. If you’re overly agreeable, call people on their shit.

That’s just the way they are, and most of them want to be this way. A lot of like admit to being wimps and say that they like it. Be prepared to lose friends and lovers when you do so.

There’s almost nothing worse for a man than to have some sort of a nervous or anxiety condition. In general, guys with anxiety are seriously treated like shit by all of the women in their lives, and this will continue as long as the anxiety disorder is ongoing.

Anxiety is just not masculine, that’s all there is to it. Small wonder that few men will admit to such things.

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