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(a2) The district attorney in the district in which the petition is filed shall be given notice of the petition at least three weeks before the hearing on the matter.

14-27.23 (statutory rape of a child by an adult), G. (e) If a person required to register changes an online identifier, or obtains a new online identifier, then the person shall, within 10 days, report in person to the sheriff of the county with whom the person registered to provide the new or changed online identifier information to the sheriff. A person who willfully fails to comply with this subsection is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. 14-208.22 regarding a person's medical records or documentation of treatment for the person's mental abnormality or personality disorder shall not be a part of the public record.

The term also includes the following if the person convicted of the following is not the minor's parent: a solicitation or conspiracy to commit any of these offenses; aiding and abetting any of these offenses. - Electronic mail address, instant message screen name, user ID, chat or other Internet communication name, but it does not mean social security number, date of birth, or pin number. (3) To coordinate efforts among law enforcement agencies and penal institutions to ensure that the registration information, changes of address, change of name, prerelease notifications, and notices of failure to register or to report a change of address are conveyed in an appropriate and timely manner.

A detention facility operated under the jurisdiction of the Section of Prisons of the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice of the Department of Public Safety. A detention facility operated under the jurisdiction of another state or the federal government. A detention facility operated by a local government in this State or another state. - An enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates markedly from the expectations of the individual's culture, is pervasive and inflexible, has an onset in adolescence or early adulthood, is stable over time, and leads to distress or impairment. - A person who has a prior conviction for an offense that is described in G. If an institution of higher education does not have a law enforcement unit, then the Department shall provide the information to the local law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction for the campus.

(2a) To notify the appropriate law enforcement unit at an institution of higher education as soon as possible upon receipt by the Department of relevant information based on registration information or notice of a change of academic or educational employment status.

(2) To provide all need-to-know law enforcement agencies (local, State, campus, federal, and those located in other states) immediately upon receipt by the Department of any of the following: registration information, a prerelease notification, a change of address, a change of academic or educational employment status, or notice of a violation of this Article.

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(4) Provide information to a law enforcement agency regarding the offender that the person knows to be false information. Request for termination of registration requirement. (a) Ten years from the date of initial county registration, a person required to register under this Part may petition the superior court to terminate the 30-year registration requirement if the person has not been convicted of a subsequent offense requiring registration under this Article.

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