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March 6, 1996 Microsoft Internet Explorer version 2.0 for Windows 95 is available in 22 languages, bringing Microsoft's Web browser to the largest international audience of any Internet client software.

Among participants in space science and missions, recognition of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements is growing for their potential in reducing health risks and to improve health quality and eating habits during long-term flights and missions.

In 2008 the entire functional foods market was worth over an estimated US billion, with the US holding a majority share in the nutraceuticals market (35%) followed by Japan (25%) and with the ever-growing European market, currently estimated at US billion.

India and China are the two major countries known for their production of traditional functional food products and nutraceuticals, but other South-East Asian countries and Gulf nations are developing potential markets.

Official Subsidiaries Launched: Microsoft Kenya , Microsoft Ivory Coast, Microsoft Romania, Microsoft Croatia Sales Offices Established: Microsoft Vietnam (Representative Office), Microsoft Corporation (Representative Office) Egypt January 16, 1996 Microsoft acquires Vermeer Technologies.

Vermeer's flagship software application, Front Page, is a tool for easily creating and managing rich Web documents without programming.

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