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Roberts has never officially come out as gay, although speculations that the 51-year-old broadcasters may be a lesbian began to surface back in May when she was interviewed by President Barack Obama.

At age 29, Roberts was hired by ESPN, where she hosted the network's news programme, the network's nighttime news program, Roberts and George Stephanopoulos served as a co-anchors.Born on November 23, 1960, Pass Christian, Mississippi, Robin Roberts earned a degree in communication from Southern Louisiana University and went on to become a sports reporter and anchor for a local TV station in Mississippi.At age 29, Roberts began hosting ESPN's to undergo treatment for a rare blood disorder that she contracted after undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. In early 2014, Roberts officially came out as a gay woman.Roberts 'husband' or her 'partner' is a widely searched topic on Google, but the answer is no.Rumors have it that Roberts does have a girlfriend; one inside source has claimed, "It's hardly a secret in the business. She's around the building all the time very attractive and well dressed." Even if this is true, Roberts' relationship remains concealed, and the partner's name has yet to be released.

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She has a master degree in education from Stephen F. Nell Fortner who is a famous name in College Basketball had grabbed attention towards her in volleyball as well.

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