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London projects include The Shard, King’s Cross, BBC Television Centre, Bloomberg, One Hyde Park, Earl’s Court and Tate Modern.For some people, “sacred sexuality” is an oxymoron, an inherent contradiction in terms.

Retreats, workshops and other events led by Christian are known for their life-changing effectiveness and for their inspiring and transformative exploration of our human potential.Before I was exposed to spiritual practices like meditation and breathwork, the only time my mind would cease its endless chatter was during sex.In those moments I was able to go beyond myself, transcend my inner dialogue and self-doubts, and become one with another. In French, orgasm is referred to as “la petite mort,” the little death.This entails cultivating our own garden of beliefs, plucking weeds of conditioning and culturally ingrained sex-negativity as we plant new seeds such as: “Becoming a better lover is a spiritual thing.” The Greek word for temple is temenos: something that contains within it the divine presence.When we treat our bodies as temples of the divine, with the reverence they deserve, we watch what we put into them and the situations in which we place them.

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Author of the award-winning and critically-acclaimed “Coming out Spiritually,” he is currently working on a new book “A Call for Heroes.” Christian is creator and teacher of several self-development programs focusing on personal growth and awareness, advanced transformational practices, understanding sex and relationships, mechanisms of ego and projection, life purpose, and reclaiming personal power.

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