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If someone is spamming or being rude in the lobby, take a screenshot and report them).

However, you will still hear the noise when they say something.

This is of vital importance to the game as this is where players share info and communicate. To whisper, write in the chat, "/w (player name or number) (your message)", "/pm (player name or number) (your message)".

Alternatively, players may use "/whisper" or "/pm" instead of "/w". It is highly recommended to type the player's number instead of their name.

I have been personally helping add some content and fix any problems over at our new sister site Android, please visit that web site if you have an Android OS device, whether that be an Android Tablet or Android Phone, they have tons of Android apps and news. Today we will highlight an awesome game that has been around for awhile now but I doubt many of you have heard of it, well maybe.

My week here at Oxavi Group headquarters has been busy to say the least!

In the Custom Mode lobby, you can type /repick to vote for replacing an inactive host or one that is not preparing a role list that you want to play.

It’s called Chit Chat City and it is an online virtual world game.

It’s basically like the Sims but it has it’s own unique features and graphics. Chit Chat City is an ever-changing virtual world in which players can build their own house in a shared neighbourhood.

If they attempt to whisper to you, you will see that they have sent a whisper, but you will not see the whispered message itself.

Ignoring is usually reserved for spammers or bots, and it is a bad idea to ignore someone who isn't spamming or being rude - they may uncover important information later on and you won't be able to see it.

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