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Outside of the central, international exhibition, individual nations produce their own shows, known as pavilions, as their national representation.Nations that own their pavilion buildings, such as the 30 housed on the Giardini, are responsible for their own upkeep and construction costs as well.The pavilion has a sculpture garden by Carlo Scarpa, 1952 and the "Auditorium Pastor" by Valeriano Pastor, 1977.The Mexican Pavilion was introduced for the first time in 1950 with the participation of the Muralists: David Alfaro Siqueiros, Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and Rufino Tamayo.Nations without dedicated buildings create pavilions in venues throughout the city.

The title of the Iraq Pavilion was "Acqua Ferita" (translated as "Wounded Water").

Six Iraqi artists from two generations interpreted the theme of water in their works, which made up the exhibition.

"Palazzo Pro Arte": Enrico Trevisanato, façade by Marius De Maria and Bartholomeo Bezzi, 1895; new façade by Guido Cirilli, 1914; "Padiglione Italia", present façade by Duilio Torres, 1932.

The law before parliament, which is to replace tolerant case law, contains strict provisions on the prohibition, authorisation and declaration of ancillary activities and makes the incompatibility rules stricter.

No other work except scientific publications and part-time teaching, provided these do not affect the judge’s work; no activity or lucrative position that could tarnish the image of the judiciary; no political activity No political posts in the broad sense of the term, including government departments and the army, no lucrative private activity except scientific, teaching or artistic activity, and then on condition that it does not undermine the dignity of the post of judge.

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