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The characters act in unison when Herman's body is affected, such as having to sneeze, or crying out in pain after being punched in the stomach.

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William Ragsdale stars as the title character, Herman Brooks.

Herman's thought processes are dramatized in a "Greek chorus"-style interpretation, with four characters representing a different aspect of his personality (played by Molly Hagan, Ken Hudson Campbell, Rick Lawless, and Peter Mac Kenzie).

Herman's "head" characters exist in a large attic room filled with toys, a lit Christmas tree, a rose-covered bower, theater seats, neon signs, arcade games, pennants and memorabilia from Ohio State University, old furniture, and numerous file cabinets (with labels like "memories", "fantasies" and "sexual past").

Johnson Rick Keister Margaret Kiefert James Lesicko Donald Levenson Alan Louwerse Cynthia Manning Mildred Mc Laughlin Edward Meek Dolly Mignogna Mary Palko Carrie Pittman Eric Richardson Michele Roberts Charles Schraishuhn Mary Shepherd Robert Sprague Jack Walling Willie Wells Granny Lash Yvonne Coker William Church Jo Anne Anderson Yvonne Rodgers Robert Ennamorato James Magaw Amanda Allen Alberta Flonard Do Retha (Harris) Kirkland Diane Ginn Rose Beck Ruth Ann Bowers (Mrs) Monica Cherry Nathanaiel Covert (Mr) Albert Czyz Dorothy Boulware John Chambers Mary Ellen(Mrs) Robert C.Turner Ronald Wallace Thomas Wallace Doris Washington Edna E.West Brenda Willaims (Ms) Name: louis vuitton stage Email: [email protected]: Date: Time: will mean that football agents turned out to be more unpopular than auctions or sports journalists, even.With Fox's cancellation of the series after season three, the exploration of "Heddy's head" was never introduced.The story line addition was viewed to have made sense, as viewers predicted that Herman and Heddy were still destined to wind up together just as Jay and Louise had.

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