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We think we are meeting a man, who may or not be called Thom Pain, in a rented space that may be transitioning from one theatrical performance to another.It’s not clear where he has come from or where he is headed, if he exists outside this theatrical space.

The audience helps each night’s performance change, and Eno’s language means performing it is “like riding a wave of language that is surprising and various, even if the character thinks he is experiencing linear thought.” Hall has decorated his dressing room with abstract drawings he imagines his character would have drawn.“The next thing I know there’s an announcement on the internet saying ‘he’s going to do it again.’ The way that show ended gave no sense of closure for people and a lot of questions unanswered. I stand by how that 8th season ended.”For Hall, the tragedy of Dexter is that “if he had kept on killing people he’d have been fine, but he gets married, he opens his imagination and heart.He seems to be in this self-imposed exile, he certainly didn’t ride off into the sunset. He has a real connection to people, and all those people are compromised or destroyed in some way.They are a sort of visual representation of what I understand to be the spiritual or emotional core of what he up to.”Hall also listens to a lot of Thelonious Monk before the show, “music I have loved all my life and always will. It is chaotic and unpredictable in its way and also follows its own rules, even if they are rules only Thelonious Monk knows about.” Hall’s name and not inconsiderable fan base guarantees healthy audiences for fans have a more pressing question: Will television’s best-known serial killer return, and if so when?“Every time I’m asked about this I say, ‘never say never,’” Hall said, smiling.

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’”His mother had subsequent relationships but didn’t remarry.

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