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But you have to be careful when planting a young tree in the full sun because it can easily get a sunburn.

Palm leaves will turn yellow and start to look colorless in some areas. Place the pot outside in the shady spot and keep increasing light levels every week by moving the pot closer to the sunny spot.

It is very difficult to diagnose a problem at a distance, but it’s most likely one of the common causes.

Over-watering First sign of over-watering is yellow or brown leaves that fall off before drying. Just add 30% sand to the soil to provide a good drainage.

If you know that hurricane is coming, it is better to tie the fronds together.It could be day-to-day palm tree care, climate, disease, insects or some kind of injury.Most people skip the “why” part and start with saving.All of the above things create more stress for the palm and might weaken it even more.Newly planted palms can suffer from a lot more things comparing to the established palms.

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