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I am able to successfully install but not able to start why???You probably need to set your service to run as the user that installed Java, otherwise it won't find its environment variables.or even further that Nvidia doesn't have the issue since it doesn't appear it's important enough for people to fix in updates either driver or game side.. I surfed the web for literally DAYS trying to fix the game crashing the moment i start a match.I updated to latest ATI graphics drivers, updated Punkbuster, did origin repair, deleted Ati raptr profile, tried 32 bit version of bf4, unchecked cloud sync in Origin, unchecked origin in game in Origin settings. OMFG (Thanks for taking the time to post suggestion) I've got a HD 6670 and it's also happening to me! In addition, it seems that this w10 update didn’t work well for others as well. page=1&auth=1 Cheers Claudia Actually after writing the answer I thought the same and installed your plugins. Notepad v6.9.1 Build time : Mar 28 2016 - Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad \notepad Admin mode : OFF Local Conf mode : OFF OS : Windows 10 Plugins : HTMLTag_JSLint JSMin mime Npp Npp Npp Plugin Poor Mans TSql Formatter Npp Python Tidy2Web Edit Note, I also tested without having Python installed. And certainly I can’t comment on why you can’t reproduce this issue using the same plug-ins (w/ presumably same versions) and I’m using.

Not sure what went right, but between more installs of 13.12 and 14.4 between cleanings with AMDCleanup Utility, turning off antialiasing, and even mistakenly clearing out an old PROFSAVE_profile from an older folder, I'm not crashing at the moment.

I have tried using the latest 14.4 driver and the beta 14.4, but was using an earlier driver just fine a few days ago, and tried rolling back to it in between.

I have also updated my Realtek driver to R273, to no effect.

Here’s some info my specific windows version: Version: 1511, OS Build: 10586.218 …an example app crash looks like: Process File : notepad Event Name : Stopped working Event Time : 4/14/2016 PM User Name : All Users Exception Code : 0xe06d7363 Exception Offset : 0x000bdad8 Fault Module Name : Fault Module Version: 10.0.10586.162 Process Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad \notepad The question I would have is why is notepad conflicting w/ this particular windows update. Windows 10 was “nice enough” to reinstall this KB and sure enough after rebooting NP stopped working again (as described above).

Thanks Hello @Don-Mason, just finished updating my win10/x64 Pro to the mentioned build version. And also sure enough after uninstalling this very patch and rebooting, NP started working again. Also, here’s my NP debug info: Notepad v6.9.1 Build time : Mar 28 2016 - Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad \notepad Admin mode : OFF Local Conf mode : OFF OS : Windows 10 Plugins : HTMLTag_JSLint JSMin mime Npp Npp Npp Plugin Poor Mans TSql Formatter Npp Tidy2Web Edit As I, and maybe others as well, don’t have an issue I don’t think it can be a general npp problem.

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