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From there, von Kempelen would begin turning a noisy side-crank and, with a flurry of the whirling gyrations of winding inner mechanisms, the Turk sputtered and sprang to life.

Fully animated, it moved somewhat laboriously in its mechanical fashion but made up for its robotic nature with incredibly quick wit.

Lifting the Turk’s robe would reveal that the Turk existed as a simulacrum of the human form only from the waist up.

Embedded in the wood were several nooks which could be opened to display even more complex machinery that made up the Turk’s endoskeleton.

Like an Enlightenment-era Prometheus, the automaton chess player was allegedly a sensational, sentient thinking machine crafted by a royal servant with the android-like artifice of a mystic shaman from the Anatolian peninsula.Six months later, the debut of his phenomenal chess-playing exhibit took the palace of the Viennese royal court in a blitz of truly magical proportions.Von Kempelen presented the Turk as the genuine article.While many accepted the Turk’s superior mastery as a man-made machine that could best men, others longed to solve the mystery.Theories ran rampant varying from the possible-but-unprovable, to the outright insane: a secret, compartment-contained child, a legless war veteran, offstage assistants, and a monkey trained to play chess, all rumored hypotheses.

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