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While the feature seems interesting, it’s far from the best move Facebook could have undertaken in times when public distrust is so high.The data around the secret crush list is also supposed to be encrypted so nobody can find out who’s on your mind.Factor in the fact that Facebook’s connections have brought down the degrees of separation down to just four is enough hope for most users.Four degrees of separation means that no person on Facebook is more than four ‘friends of a friend’ away from any other.In comparison, Tinder has some 3.8 million users, which are then geographically segmented.

That just massively increases the denominator of options to choose from.

I’m not saying that this WILL happen, but we all know how creepy people can get.

On the other hand, a lot of patrons will be hesitant to hop onboard, like in the initial days of dating apps. Facebook will have to be smart in marketing this and educating those on the app to try out this dating feature.

Orkut, the OG social media platform had something similar where users could create ‘crush lists’ and it worked in the same way. Facebook’s execution should be a lot more polished, and might I say, promising.

Sure, their current reputation makes a lot of us want to delete the app or restrict our usage and announcing a rather intimate feature like this at such a time might not be received in the correct sense.

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